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Ultraceuticals are at the forefront of innovation and use only the latest available ingredients and technologies to consistently release new products and improve existing ones.

With a combination of sophisticated, patented delivery systems and potent, proven anti-ageing stars like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), each product is formulated with maximum safety and effectiveness, so you get results you can actually see.

By collaborating with renowned universities and leading researchers, Ultraceuticals are leaders in the global cosmeceutical industry, crafting a simple regimen of products which deliver fast acting and discernible results. Contact us now to learn more



Since 1932, Gatineau has dedicated itself to the world of beauty and skincare with the creation, vision and passion of Jeanne Gatineau.

Gatineau is the rare alchemy between highly effective and advanced formulas, expert beauty salons, and products made of delicate textures to represent an iconic beauty brand with superb innovations.
Every day your skin is subjected to harmful external factors (UV exposure, tobacco, pollution) which makes it dull and gradually tires it, thus depriving it of its natural glow. Its surface thickens and progressively darkens, which prevents it from being fully radiant. Gatineau has been developed to help it regain its natural glow, energy, clarity and brightness.

Cutting edge formulations help stimulate the strength, vitality and longevity of collagen fibres. The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is progressively reduced and the face appears ‘younger for longer’. Contact us to learn more

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Celebrities choice for Eco-Glamour. The fusion of purity, ethics and glamour.

A favorite of leading A-list celebrities around the world, and recently credited as being ‘the Victoria’s Secret of the organic & natural beauty market', Vani-T are the creators of innovative, high demand products that have a real point of difference in image, delivery of results, quality and purity, with a high natural and organic ingredient content, presented in stunningly glamorous packaging.

Every Vani-T product is rich in natural, organic Australian ingredients derived from renewable sources. Vani-T’s environmental ethos extends into every aspect of the company, with recyclable packaging and cruelty-free product formulas.

The first Vani-T product to launch was Liquid Sun in 2004, a sunless tanning product which today is recognised as one of the world’s best tanning products by beauty professionals and beauty editors alike.

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Bestow is a philosophy of skincare, made up of exquisite rituals and functional foods lovingly created to support your inner health and outer beauty.

For thousands of years, through generation after generation, the secrets of beauty were bestowed upon women by women. Mothers and grandmothers passed down the ultimate wisdom: how to unlock nature’s gifts to nourish, heal and enrich.

In recent years, much of that knowledge has been lost. Many women have turned to big brands and science for answers rather than their mothers, grandmothers or Mother Nature.

Bestow is about rediscovering nature’s age-old secrets and sharing them with women. It’s about imparting knowledge, enriching beauty and endowing confidence. Simply put, it’s about beauty gifted by nature.



Faby Nail Lacquers

Faby captures the essence of Italian style with its brilliant line of professional nail care products.

All Faby products are the Big 5 Free:
(DBP - Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldeehyde Resin and Camphor) and TPO Free (Trimethylbenzoyl and Diphenylphosphine Oxide).

Last but not least 100% cruelty free!



A world where fragrance turns moments into memories.

Whether in the form of waxes, washes, soaps or lotions, our purpose has been to create fragrances that carry us to moments that evoke our past and inspire our future.

Ecoya candles are crafted from natural waxes and feature pure lead-free cotton wicks. Created in collaboration with leading fragrance experts, Ecoya products are designed to release the optimal fragrance throw.
Ecoya does not use paraffin wax (which is the predominant wax used in the candle industry), hence their candles do not contain the harmful chemicals associated with the use of paraffin.

Featuring the finest fragrances, the bodycare collection uses the highest quality botanical bases of Macadamia, Coconut and Almond oils with antioxidant rich Vitamin E to protect the skin and promote softness, moisture and elasticity in a non-greasy formula.

The Ecoya body care range is designed to be safe on all skin types and is free from Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Silicone, artificial colours and Sulphate free from SLS/SLES.


Foot Peel & Pedi Peel

Foot Peel is a painless, convenient way to remove unsightly dead and cracked skin from the bottom of your feet.

The Foot Peel Home Kit is a luxurious at-home pedicure treatment, which removes hardened callused skin through its intense peeling action after just one application. No effort required. No tiresome foot filing.The Foot Peel Home Kits handy foot exfoliation booties do all the work for you.

The Foot Peel Home Kit's exclusive formula uses fruit acids which are very gentle. The fruit acid penetrates into the layer of dead skin cells and works on the desmosomes which lie between the skin layers. This activates the peeling process. The cells in the dermal layer are forced to the surface and then peel away naturally, due to the metabolic process.

Pedi Peel is a clinic-only treatment that is designed to instantly remove the hard skin that has developed on the heels or balls of your feet. It can be added onto any pedicure service or performed as a stand-alone treatment. 


LiLash & LiBrow

Experience the magic of fuller, longer lashes and fuller, bolder brows

Every look begins with long, thick lashes. LiLash - for the best eyelash serum. LiBrow - for the best eyebrow serum. 

Achieve the look you’ve always wanted by transforming your eyes with the iconic eyelash serum that helped start the long lash revolution within the cosmetic industry. LiLash® conditions and fortifies your lash follicles to help create the most beautiful eyelashes you have ever experienced.

Begin to appreciate how building your look around your best and most stunning eyelashes will reinvent how the world sees you and how you see the world. Don’t just take our word for it.

Try LiLash for yourself. It will make you - and your eyelashes - happy.  Guaranteed.

Designed to enhance the fullness of your eyebrows, LiBrow helps you achieve the striking arches and gorgeous brow definition you are looking for. LiBrow safely fortifies and conditions your brow follicles while gently darkening brow hair with a unique botanical tinting agent.

Try LiLash and LiBrow for safe, physician-proven serums that acheive real results. 

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